How to Create a Winning Communication Strategy

Do you want a communication strategy or a successful communication strategy? There is a massive chance for positive impact when communication is properly planned and distributed through the appropriate channels at the appropriate time. Do you have what it takes to communicate effectively? Continue reading “How to Create a Winning Communication Strategy”


I am so busy!

Nicholas T. Rustad

Have you heard co-workers state how busy they are, time and time again? Ultimately stating how busy they or you are may make others feel less important, but it can make you feel more important. ¬† Continue reading “I am so busy!”


Setting up a coaching relationship for success

Coaching for Success

When we coach others, we tend to coach for how we want the “coached” to behave based on our opinions. Lets not forget that we are not coaching people to work with us, but instead, to work with everyone. ¬†This is called self-serving bias, in which, you as the coacher wants the coached person to behave to meet your needs.

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