What is Organizational Behavior – the short version?

Basically, it is simply how companies and people within those companies work together.  It can get messy if you work in a toxic environment, and Org Behavior tries to make sense of the “what” , “how” and “why”.  After we understand the company, people, and culture, we can design an intervention to help improve the situation.

Organizational Behavior consultants specialize in helping organizations when change is needed to improve employee morale, plan for a merger/acquisition/divestiture or focus on other areas like team development and training.  The aforementioned topics are only a few of the many facets of Organizational Behavior Consulting.

This blog is dedicated to snippets of commentary from my experiences with Organizational Behavior, as I work through different consulting challenges or wish to share stories from the past.  Organizational Behavior is a fascinating topic and one that is on my mind everyday.

If you wish to see my background, you can take a look at my LinkedIn page.

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