I work with some crazy f’n morons!

We have all been there, tired, crabby, and we simply desire to complete our tasks.  At the end of the day, we want to drive home, feel accomplished, and relax.  Unfortunately the personalities of our co-workers can get in the way of our simple dream.  So, what is going on?

I worked for a local company about 10 years ago, and had to work with a fella named Bob, lets call him Bob.  Bob would not accept any change, he was firmly rooted in the status quo and it was my job to impose change on the company.  My role was an intranet manager and I had to make improvements, change process, and basically ruin poor Bob’s day.  It finally dawned on me, that maybe Bob was inheritently opposed to change, not because of the change, but because of something related to his personality.  At first I thought Bob was Just stubborn, but maybe there was something deeper.  I had struggled to work with him, but maybe his own internal struggle was so much more painful.

What to do?  I got to know Bob, took him to lunch, spent some more time with him and figured out that if I introduced the change in smaller components it was more tolerable.  By spending a little more time with Bob, I could have a happier drive home.

Tell me about your crazy co-workers?


4 Replies to “I work with some crazy f’n morons!”

  1. I like be the challenge of dealing with people across many different levels but sometimes that challenge is too great and can send me into a downward spiral!! I would love to read about this and find help on how to deal with some of these morons!!

  2. I like your first post. Just getting to know Bob and understand how you can introduce change. Really speaks to all the different types of people you can work with. Also, putting in the time to understand co workers helps you learn different ways to work with different people. It’s the old Win Win for all.

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